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Senior Gift Honor Roll


Campaign Logo
Campaign Logo   

Senior Class Gift Committee

Theresa Garcia, Co-Chair
Becky Loeb, Co-Chair
Courtney Powers, Co-Chair
Genesis Resendiz, Co-Chair
Emily Ujifusa, Co-Chair
Isabelle Ambler
Rachel Bollens
Anika Burrell
Sam Corfman
Cole Cradduck
Lorelei Curtin
Annie Dennis
Tommy DePaoli
Allison Dornbach-Bender
Katie Feller
Vanessa Ho
Lisa Lam
Claire Mueller
Catherine Perry
Josh Propp
Charlotte Willens
Carson Williams
Caroline Yoon

Parents Council Co-Chairs

Jack and Carolyn Long
The 2013 Senior Class Gift

The Chairs of the Senior Class Gift Committee wish to thank the following people for their generous contributions to Class of 2013 Senior Gift.  
Donor Name Gift Directed to Gift in Honor/Memory of
Thomas Abbot International Relations
The Annual Fund
Brittnay Ahn The Annual Fund
Francis Allinson The Annual Fund
Aaron Altman The Annual Fund
Isabelle Ambler Student Life
The Annual Fund
Sam Antill Mathematics
The Annual Fund
Alison Aronstam The Annual Fund
Julia Ayabe The Annual Fund
Gabrielle Baum The Annual Fund
Anna Bax Scholarships (Financial Aid)
Nicole Becich Biology Gene S. Fowler
The Annual Fund
Michael Benesch The Annual Fund
Micah Berman The Annual Fund
Anna Blanken Linguistic and Cognitive Studies
Rachel Bollens The Annual Fund
Jacob Brown The Annual Fund
Sydney Brown The Annual Fund
Jordan Bryant The Annual Fund
Anika Burrell Women's Soccer
Jung Cha The Annual Fund
Hannah Chasnov The Annual Fund
Te-Ling Chiang The Annual Fund
Eun Cho Scholarships (Financial Aid)
Nicholas Clute-Reinig The Annual Fund
William Cole The Annual Fund
Lena Connor Environmental Analysis
Samuel Corfman English
The Annual Fund
Catherine Crawford Pomona College Internship Program Seniors who have no idea what they're doing after they leave paradise (Pomona)
James-Paul Cumming Scholarships (Financial Aid) Jean Paul Gowdy
Draper Center for Community Partnerships
Lorelei Curtin The Annual Fund
Amber Datta Scholarships (Financial Aid)
Joseph DeBruin The Annual Fund
Ann Dennis The Annual Fund
Stella Deng The Annual Fund
Thomas DePaoli Media Studies
The Annual Fund
Dohrn, Charlotte Environmental Analysis
Allison Dornbach-Bender Smith Campus Center
Justin Ellis The Annual Fund
David Erf The Annual Fund
Dominique Exume The Annual Fund
Megan Farrell, The Annual Fund
Katherine Feller The Annual Fund
Nolan Ferar Anthropology
Benjamin Fish Computer Science
The Annual Fund
Milia Fisher The Annual Fund
Brendan Folan Romance Languages and Literature French Section Professors
Nathaniel Freyman Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE)
The Annual Fund
Alexander Friedman Men's Swimming & Diving
The Annual Fund
Eliot Frost The Annual Fund
Brian Fung Molecular Biology
The Annual Fund
Louis Gallardo Draper Center for Community Partnerships
William Gamber The Annual Fund
Theresa Garcia The Annual Fund - Academic Programs
Florencia Garcia-Vicente Scholarships (Financial Aid)
The Annual Fund
Sophia Geffen The Annual Fund
Joseph Glickman The Annual Fund
Benjamin Goldstein English The English Department
Rylan Grady Scholarships (Financial Aid)
The Annual Fund
Harrison Green Men's Basketball
Erin Grinich Biology
The Annual Fund
Max Grodnick The Annual Fund
Dylan Gschwind The Annual Fund
Ivette Guadarrama The Annual Fund
Alexandra Gutowski ASPC On The Loose Outdoor Club
The Annual Fund
Michael Haber Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company
Todd Hagen KSPC (College Radio)
Courtney Hamilton The Annual Fund
Blessing Havana Scholarships (Financial Aid) Bruce J. Poch
Laura Haynes, Geology
Loren Hinton The Annual Fund
Vanessa Ho The Annual Fund Anita Ho and Gustin Ho
Toby Hollis The Annual Fund
Andrew Hong Neuroscience
The Annual Fund
Ian Hosang International Place
Hannah Hudson Molecular Biology
Scholarships (Financial Aid)
Robert Hull The Annual Fund
Frances Hundley Scholarships (Financial Aid) Molecular Biology Program
Morgan Ingemanson The Annual Fund
Praise Iyiewuare The Annual Fund
Zachary Jenson Media Studies
The Annual Fund
Martha Johnson Scholarships (Financial Aid)
Efe Kabba Media Studies
The Annual Fund
Phillip Kantor Economics
Eli Kaplan Sociology Colin J. Beck
The Annual Fund
Gabrielle Kelenyi Writing Center
Peter Kohli The Annual Fund
Paulina Kozupa The Annual Fund
Zack Kraushar The Annual Fund
Michelle Kretsch International Place
Karl Kumbier The Annual Fund
Sienna Kuykendall The Annual Fund
Jonas Kwok The Annual Fund
Nur Lalji The Annual Fund
Lisa Lam The Annual Fund
Seanna Leath Africana Studies
Nicola Lew Scholarships (Financial Aid)
Amy Li Scholarships (Financial Aid)
James Lieber The Annual Fund
Marco Lobba Chemistry Liquid Nitrogen and Shared Times
Rebecca Loeb Media Studies
Adam Long Organic Farm
Yureli Lopez KSPC (College Radio)
Anne Lydens The Annual Fund
Mingyan Ma Scholarships (Financial Aid)
Cassandra Martinez The Annual Fund
Abraham McKay ASPC Ultimate Freesbee Team
Anna Miller The Annual Fund
Jennifer Miner The Annual Fund
Daniel Moerner Philosophy
Cody Moore The Annual Fund
Claire Mueller The Annual Fund
James Muller The Annual Fund
Ariana Mygatt KSPC (College Radio)
Rohith Nayak The Annual Fund
Julia Neaves Scholarships (Financial Aid)
Joshua Nomkin Draper Center for Community Partnerships
Donald Okpalugo The Annual Fund
Erika Parks Draper Center for Community Partnerships
Catherine Perry Philosophy
ASPC (College Radio)
David Pichardo-Gomez Career Development Office
Julia Pitkin Organic Farm
William Pitkin The Annual Fund
Caitlin Plefka Neuroscience
Ho Poon The Annual Fund
Courtney Powers The Annual Fund Alison L. Larson and Vince M. Powers
Kevin Prescott The Annual Fund
Joshua Propp The Annual Fund
Kathryn Rabak Scholarships (Financial Aid) Pomona-Pitzer Softball, a truly unforgettable experience
Jonah Raduns-Silverstein Music
Dominick Reinhold The Annual Fund
Joseph Replogle Molecular Biology
Genesis Resendiz The Annual Fund
Julia Ringo The Annual Fund
Joshua Rodriguez The Annual Fund
Evan Roe Scholarships (Financial Aid)
Jacob Rollins The Annual Fund
Claire Ruberman Scholarships (Financial Aid)
John Russell The Annual Fund
Na'ama Schweitzer Organic Farm
Brian Shain The Annual Fund
Allison Sherris The Annual Fund
Miriam Shiffman Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)
Arielle Snagg Draper Center for Community Partnerships
Alexis Gilbert Sones Art & Art History Martell Gilbert
Erica Storm The Annual Fund
Emily Sunderland Mathematics
The Annual Fund
Alexis Takahashi The Annual Fund
Julia Ticus Women's Swimming & Diving
Kristen Trofa American Studies
The Annual Fund
Emily Ujifusa Scholarships (Financial Aid) Ken A. Ujifusa and Shannon M. Ujifusa
Charles Vallejo-Anderson The Annual Fund
Alejandra Vega The Annual Fund
Marvin Vega The Annual Fund
Jessica Vincent The Annual Fund
Howard Vogt ASPC On The Loose Outdoor Club
Ariel Vourman The Annual Fund
Ilan Vourman The Annual Fund
Naomi Wagner Women's Cross Country
Nicholas Wagner Scholarships (Financial Aid) Rick, he is my barber. He was just diagnosed with cancer
Kara Wang The Annual Fund
Xin Wang The Annual Fund
Jing Wen Mathematics
The Annual Fund
Samuel Whitehead The Annual Fund
Charlotte Willens Organic Farm Milliken, my Academic home
Luke Willert The Annual Fund
Carson Williams The Annual Fund
Ryan Wingate The Annual Fund Dylan Zuckerman
Isabelle Worley The Annual Fund
Connie Wu The Annual Fund
Caroline Yoon Scholarships (Financial Aid)
Jessie Yu The Annual Fund
Leila Zahedi Psychology
Claudia Zaugg The Annual Fund
Ge Zhang Latin American Studies The Latin American Studies Program
Romance Languages and Literature The Spanish Department
Scholarships (Financial Aid)
The Annual Fund
Qingcheng Zhang Mathematics Ami E. Radunskaya, Erica L. Flapan, Gizem Garcia, Lingurn H. Burkhead
My Major, Department of Mathematics, Pomona College
Maria Zhu Scholarships (Financial Aid)
Dylan Zuckerman The Annual Fund

Senior Parents

Kenneth D. and Janice B. Lent
Michael F. and Lynne G. Lieber
Stephen B. '79 and Dianne Loeb
Wendell J. Long, Jr. and Carolyn A. Long
Xichen Ma and Guizhi Gong
Gloria Ines Martin
Lydia Martinez
George H. and Marie D. Masterson
Thomas and Anna McGonigle
Peter L. Miller and Jean M. Johnson
William J. and Elisabeth L. Miner
Lisa S. Mitchell
Elizabeth Mooney '77 and James M. Myers
David Wayne and Carol Elizabeth Moyer
William J. Mueller and Kim M. Robak
Pierre C. and Alene H. Munyemana
Joseph R. and Rosemary Mygatt
Sudhaker and Mithra Nayak
Barry C. and Karen J. Noll
Francis and Adesuwa Ojo
David B. Orenstein and Sandra H. Seidlitz
Michael G. and Melissa E. Parks
Marjorie B. Perry
Susan G. and Horace W. Pitkin
Thomas J. Plefka
Kei Chak Poon and Mi Kuen Miraner Heung
Douglas A. Propp and Rhonda L. Konarski
Weimin Qiu and Xiaoqing Liu
Frank D. and Karen A. Rabak
Abdulai Rahim and Princess K. Ngegba
Jolene G. Reddy
Vincent A. Reinig and Christy A. Clute-Reinig
Michael J. and Linda G. Replogle
Thomas M. and Jan M. Ringo
Steven C. and Kathy A. Rollins
Jeronimo Romero and Josefina Chabolla
Abraham and Ana Rothman
Gustavo S. and Guadalupe Ruiz
Stanley P. '74 and Joan Y. Sander
Suzie Leibovitz Schudson
Michael A. and Danielle S. Seward
Eric B. and Anne L. Shain
Saul M. Shiffman and Joan S. Wagman
Stephen S. and Wenyan Y. Shuster
Steven B. Silverstein and Cathy Raduns
Kent S. and Catherine R. Smith
Vincent C. Snagg and Pamela M. Bowman-Snagg
Daniel C. Sneider '73 and Elisabeth S. Rubinfien '78
William C. Stevens and Sarah Gopher-Stevens
Donald B. Stewart and Karen A. Engelbourg
Richard W. Sunderland, Jr. and Cheryl A. Sunderland
Phil and Elli Sweeney
Maria A. Tapia
Vefa Tarhan and Teresa A. Becker
Mitchell S. and Kristine A. Thayer
James M. and Jessica E. Ticus
James W. Toothaker and Jill D. Mason
Stephen A. and Susan L. Tuggy
David B. and Anna Urrea
Jorge C. and Flor I. Vega
Marcos E. and Mariaelena Vega
Howard K. and Susan E. Vogt
Gregory W. and Karen S. Wagner
Robert L. and Joylene K. Wagner
Ren D. Wang
Zuxi Wang and Shaoyun Pan
Marc R. and Pam M. Warburton
David J. Weber
Tim C. Wingate and Mary R. Hoyne
Robin L. Worley
Craig A. '83 and Joan Wrench
Daniel L. and Katherine K. Wu
Mieko N. Young
Limeng Yu and Tao Hu
Raymond L. and Sok T. Yung
Bijan Zahedi and Debra C. Nelson
Robert H. and Barbara C. Zaugg
Jun Zhao and Jeanne Q. Gu
Yuhang Zhu and Shuping Wang
Jay Zou and Hilary Liao-Zou

Richard W. and Wanda C. Allinson
Cary W. Antill and Jennifer P. Miller-Antill
Michael D. and Kristine M. Bartanen
Simeon H. Baum and Dorothea Cohen
Rayma L. Bax
Constance Beavon '69 and Bruce Saylor
Michael J. Becich and Barbara A. Dappert-Becich
Dennis King Bender
Alfred J. Benesch and Barbara D. Kraus
Susanna A. Bond
Beth A. Bordner '84
Robert D. Bordner '84
Samuel W. and Laura S. Breyfogle
Thomas R. and Nadine R. Brockman
Darrel S. and Anne E. Brodke
Alison Rempel Brown '80 and Owen Brown
James P. and Amy J. Brumbaugh-Smith
Robert N. Bryant, Jr. and Patrice C. Bryant
Eugene M. and Anne Marie Calhoun
Manson C. and Sally P. Carpenter
Stephen W. and Paula J. Carr
Douglas A. and Socorro T. Chafe
Nan-Chi and Yuan-Fen Chou
Jaekoo and Yangwon Chung
Laurie Genevro '79 and Harry F. Cole
Kevin C. and Lori B. Coleman
Karen M. Cradduck
Scott D. and Marci B. Crawford
John W. and Linda A. Cross
James M. and Bonnie J. Cumming
John D. Curtin
Thomas E. '84 and Susan E. '85 Cyr
Gregory H. and Mary E. Dairyko
Tane M. and Maureen K. Datta
Raymond P. and Linda De Winkle
Pier E. and Nancy L. DeJong
Ruitang Deng and Fengmin Tian
Gary A. and Camille S. Dohrn
David H. and Roberta M. Drewry
Edward G. Dunne and Lori A. Bukoski
Ross Eatman and Paula Sharp
Amilcar A. and Denise R. Exume
Linda A. Feldmann and Warren L. Richey
Michael A. '71 and Nancy '72 Feller
Laurence and Maryvonne Ferar
Charlie B. and Rebecca J. Ferguson
Patrick J. '82 and Gail Y. '81 Folan
Michael D. and Kathleen P. Folse
Andrew D. and Cheryl M. Friedman
Eric and Lisa G. Frost
Arturo and Norma P. Fuentes
Edward N. and Jenifer C. Gamber
Dhiren K. Gandhi
Daniel D. Garcia-Swartz and Silvia B. Vicente de Garcia
Ann M. Geffen
David J. Geffen
David L. and Heidi M. Geller
Mark R. and Bobbie C. Gentili
Robert D. Goldstein and Wendy S. Schmelzer
Lawrence J. and Barbara A. Green
Scott R. and Susan F. Grodnick
John C. and Lisa H. Gschwind
John W. Gustafson and Monica H. Galloway
Peter J. and Kathryn S. Gutowski
Julius Timothy and Susan M. Hamilton
Barton F. and Caroline P. Haynes
Wayne S. and Joyce M. Hinton
Steve R. and Janna L. Hollis
William J. and Nancy W. Howe
Michael H. and Mamm P. Hudnall
Peter K. and Winifred Hussey
Douglas R. '82 and Robin D. '81 Irvine
David M. Johnson and Nancy A. Murray
Ruth K. Josimovich
Matthew W. and Jamie L. Keith
Martin L. Konowitch and Barbara D. Jones
Jan and Janina Kozupa
Frank C. Kuo and Fong-Ying Tsai
Shellee R. Kuper

The Senior Class Gift

    Gifts from the Class:  $3,022.80

    Class participation rate:  63%

     Dean Miriam Feldblum Challenge Match:  $656.64

Steve and Dianne Loeb Challenges

    Senior Gift Committee's Allocation

    ASPC - $1,000

    Trivia Night Winners' Allocations

    First Place: The Farm - $500

    Second Place: Dean Feldblum's Discretionary Fund - $300

    Third Place: Groundskeeping in Honor of Ron Nemo and the terrific and under-appreciated job he does everyday - $200

Total Raised:  $5,679

The Senior Class Parents Gift

Gifts to the Parents Fund  $131,130.90

Total Giving by Parents of Seniors  $354,382.02

Gifts to the Parents Fund include current-use gifts given by non-alumni parents of the Senior Class (gifts given by alumni parents are included in the Alumni Fund). The total giving amount shown above included all gifts given by parents of the Senior Class during this fiscal year, including gifts from parents who are alumni.

All amounts shown above are as of May 17, 2013. Our fiscal year ends June 30.