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Click to view a larger image of the GAYpril calendar.

2014 GAYpril Community Calendar


Every year The Claremont Colleges community celebrates a month of LGBTQQIAA Pride in April. Pride month is a once-a-year opportunity for LGBT individuals to enjoy visibility and support from a wide community, while celebrating our allies and promoting awareness about issues surrounding the diverse intersections of queer identity. The Gaypril calendar represents the combined efforts of students, staff, and faculty from organizations across The Claremont Colleges. In April we come together to celebrate pride and advocate for queer and allied college communities (and beyond) with events that range from social, to supportive, to educational, to just plain incredible!

GAYpril is upon us!

Check out the calendar to the right for information on all of the amazing events this year (or, for an even larger version of the calendar click here [pdf] ). And a special thanks to all of the organizations creating and sponsoring events in order to make this the best GAYpril possible: AARC’s Q&A, CLSA, OBSA, SCORE, IWS, I-Place, HEO, Family, QGU, QQAMP, Scripps & Pomona Advocates, AdBoard, Pomona Dean of Students Office, Pitzer Dean of Students Office, CMC Dean of Students Office, HMC's Office of Institutional Diversity, LGBTA Alumni Affinity, The Athenaeum, the CGU Grad Student Council and Office of Student Life and Diversity, and more!

We hope to see you at some of these fantastic events!