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Academic Dean's Office

Janice Hudgings

Janice Hudgings, VP and Dean of the College

Recent Faculty Accomplishments

  • Colin Beck (Sociology) published a study of the Arab Spring titled "Reflections on the Revolutionary Wave in 2011" in Theory and Society.
  • Nina Karnovsky (Biology) co-authored "Weak population genetic differentiation in the most numerous Arctic seabird, the little auk" in Polar Biology.
  • Hung Cam Thai (Sociology, Asian American Studies) released a new book, Insufficient Funds: The Culture of Money in Low-Wage Transnational Families.

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Dean of the College Janice Hudgings

The Dean of College's office is at the heart of Pomona's mission, dedicated to the shaping and sustaining of its intellectual life. We support the faculty in their teaching and research, administer the academic program and help the College explore new instructional initiatives. We also support cooperative programs with our counterparts at the other Claremont Colleges.

On this website, you can find information about applying for research and teaching grants, planning sabbaticals, recruiting new faculty, and a host of other topics. Learn more about the Dean's Staff and find out who we are and who can help you with what. And we encourage you not just to explore the web page, but also to call, e-mail or, best of all, stop by to see us on the second floor of Alexander Hall

Janice HudgingsVice President and Dean of the College (909) 621-8137(909) 621-8836
Kristin FossumAssociate Dean (909) 607-1747(909) 621-8836
Jill GrigsbyAssociate Dean (909) 621-8526(909) 621-8836
Nicole WeekesAssociate Dean (909) 607-9105(909) 621-8836
Jonathan WrightAssociate Dean (909) 621-8328(909) 621-8836
Tania PantojaExecutive Assistant to the Dean (909) 607-2831(909) 621-8836
Sandy FentonGrants Administrator (909) 621-8328(909) 621-8836
Rhonda BeronAssociate Deans' Assistant (909) 621-8518(909) 621-8836
Dani AurouzeDean's Assistant (909) 621-8137(909) 621-8836

Mailing AddressPomona College, Academic Dean, 550 N. College Ave., Claremont, CA 91711

Phone(909) 621-8137

Fax(909) 621-8836

Campus LocationAlexander Hall

Academic Dean