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Farm Rules

Pomona College Organic Farm Use Rules

The Farm is the property of Pomona College and subject to all regulations and use rules that govern the campus. The farm is managed by the Environmental Analysis Program and it is dedicated to the study of agricultural systems.

The Wash, where the farm is located, is a multi-use area preserved for recreation, natural beauty and athletics. Because of its multipurpose nature, the area of the Wash available for use and cultivation by The Farm is restricted to marked boundaries. Use or cultivation outside of this area is not permitted. Decisions about use and governance policies for the Farm will be made by a steering committee composed of the Dean of Students, faculty from Environmental Analysis Program, a student from the Farm Club, and Farm staff.

The following policies govern use of the farm

  1. Seven-College Identification or Farm Pass must be presented upon request.
    • Farm Pass application available by request.
    • 7C students, faculty, staff and Farm Pass holders may have two guests while at The Farm.
  2. Alcohol is not permitted on the Farm.
  3. Smoking is not permitted in any area of the Farm, Dome or Outdoor Classroom.
  4. Open fires are not allowed on the Farm.
    • Barbeques and cook outs are permitted through a registered event.
  5. The Farm is open for use from one hour before sunrise until one hour past sunset.
  6. Persons under 18 years of age must be under the supervision of an adult who has a valid current  Farm Pass or 7-C ID
  7. Registration of Events at The Farm:
    1. Events need to be registered with the ASPC office in Smith Campus Center.
    2. Requests for events at The Farm can only come from 7C identification holder.
    3. Registered events at the Farm may be approved to run until 9:00 PM.
  8. Amplified sound or drumming is permitted during daylight hours only, unless part of a registered event.
  9. The Farm should be kept clean and neat, without unnecessary trash and litter, in accordance with Pomona College standards.
    • Trash must be disposed of; compost and recycling should be placed in proper receptacles.
  10. Use of Outdoor classroom and/or Dome available by request to Farm Staff.
  11. Guests are asked to walk on paths and to avoid walking on the plant beds.
  12. Guests are asked to return tools to their proper location after use.
  13. Harvesting limited to fruits when in season. Harvesting of produce from other plantings is only permitted with the consent from individual plant bed managers.
  14. Respect the work of students who work to make The Farm a pleasant and viable experience.

Contact Farm staff if you have questions or would like to learn about the Farm’s routine practices and philosophies.

Please enjoy the Farm.  Tours available upon request.